Runway End Safety Area (RESA) Phase 1 & 2

Project Category: 
Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver Airport Authority

BEL was contracted for the first of two phases of the construction of a Runway End Safety Area (RESA) on the 26R side of the North Runway at YVR, a new M11 Taxiway and the widening of an existing taxiway to accommodate larger aircraft. BEL’s scope under the first phase was to:

  • Relocate all infield utilities around the end of the new taxiway and RESA. 450mm diameter sanitary and electrical duct banks were routed 1,400 meters around the RESA. Concrete storm with custom aircraft rated manholes were installed throughout the new M11 Taxiway, RESA, and the widened M7 Taxiway.
  • Relocate all existing utilities around the end of the new RESA,
  • Excavate and preload the footprint of the new RESA, and new M11 taxiway,
  • Widen the M7 Taxiway,
  • Displace the runway landing Threshold 220m west, including all runway markings and lighting, to provide clearance for the preload.
  • Construct a new airport Service Road.

BEL completed the project on December 18th, 2018