Highway Construction

Project Category: 
Delta - Surrey, BC
Province of British Columbia

BEL Contracting was contracted by the Province of British Columbia to play an integral role in the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road, a 40km, four land road along the south side of the Fraser River from Deltaport Way in Delta to the Golden Ears Bridge connector road in Surrey.  Over 1,300 permits were applied for and obtained from the Department of Fisheries & Oceans, Ministry of the Environment, Navigable Waters, Water Act and Archaeology Branch during this project.  The route of the highway impacted 170 regulated watercourses that required habitat protection and enhancement.  Work associated with these watercourses could only be completed during four yearly fisheries windows.  This project also required the relocation of major utilities and minimal disruptions to local and commercial vehicle traffic. 

BEL Contracting is proud to have played a major role in providing an efficient route that will serve port facilities, rail yards and a wide array of industrial activities along this key economic corridor for many years to come.